This blog is a place to document everyday victories over humanness.

An ongoing investigation into PIVOT MOMENTS: the turning point when you jump into it, when you speak up, when you declare what you’re up to, when you sometimes stick your foot in your mouth.

starting something > getting it right

action > playing it safe

Aliya Bonar is a fashion designer and artist committed to empowering people in their daily lives through the clothes they wear. Over the past 4 years she has investigated how clothing and costume affects our confidence and experience of power, in collaboration with a Girl Scout Troop in Queens, through a pop-up storefront boutique in the Garment District, and now as a full clothing line.

“PowerSuits” are uniforms for powerful daily living. Inspired by real people’s stories of accomplishment, failures, dreams and regrets, the garments arm you for whatever your day brings. These are superhero costumes for everyday people: empowering you to stand up to the chaos of being a human and supporting you in surrendering to the glorious experience of being alive. /// When you don your powersuit it’s like a gift from the wizard of oz, bringing out the qualities you already had there waiting to be recognized.

Power Suit Boutique from Joe Fenstermaker on Vimeo.

PowerSuits have been featured in DNA Info New York, The New Yorker’s Instagram Feed, Art F City, the Textile Arts Center, the Queens Chronicle, and more.

Power Suit Camp Documentation from Joe Fenstermaker on Vimeo.